About Sbuhost

SbuHost is a wholly owned South African technology Company. We boast of several years of implementing home grown solutions on african soil which compete favorably internationally in terms of standards , processes and technology.

Our Approach and Values

We believe each customer is unique and hence our solutions are tailor made to continuously add value to our customer’s business.Once we engage with a client , we guide them on the best available solutions on the business and monitor their progress on their chosen solution.

We are a technology company with a key focus on webhosting ,domain provision and ADSL solutions.We succeed in what we do because we focus in our niche area and we exploit the knowledge and expertise we have garnered through the years with unrivaled passion. Hosting Domains Internet Solutions


We believe integrity should be the cornerstone of all our business interactions if we're to grow as a firm.


We go beyond traditional web hosting by providing extra value and business insight that helps you stay ahead


We have the expertise you need to ensure your business is assured of an enduring online presence and identity

Our Clients Trust Us

Our Team

Chris is our Chief Operating Officer and has a wealth of experience having worked for Rackspace and Huawei including a host of startup companies. He holds an MBA from GIBS Business School and has been instrumental in driving SbuHost growth in our ADSL segment.

Alec is in charge of our Accounting and Finance Department and yes he loves seeing the invoices being paid. Alec brings in a wealth of experience having worked in the manufacturing and retail sector before joining SbuHost. Word of advice – ” …. always keep to his right side”.

Lynette runs the Sales and Client Services shop, she holds an Bsc degree from the University of Western Cape. Lynette has more than 10 years experience, anything from hosting to websites you will be glad you talked to her first, who knows – she may just cut you a great deal.

Tawanda runs our Technical Support and joined SbuHost since inception. He has more than 10 years in cloud and web hosting support, having worked with some of the leading cloud services provider, Tawanda ensures the engines that run your emails and website are always performing optimally.

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